Clearbasis is a software company.

We turn ideas into software and help our customers stay ahead of their competition.

Stay Ahead
Stay Ahead

You've Got Four Walls, Offices, Great People. What else?

It's a dead even race. Even a well-trained runner needs an edge. Like a runner's shoes, your business needs software to stay ahead of your competition. Gain efficiencies, reduce overhead, and much much more.

Stay Ahead.

Every business can be improved wth software. Get started today!

On the Web

On the Web

A web presence extends your reach and represents your brand, product, service, and energy. Modernize your website, set up shop with E-Commerce, or connect your partners with a portal.

Custom Apps

Custom Apps

Big moves spur progress. Exchange data with with your customers, automate the sales cycle, use a mobile app to coordinate service calls. Set the bar and become a leader in your industry.

Line of Business

Line of Business

You know your business better than anyone, so why keep running it on paper and spreadsheets? Start capturing data the moment that PO hits the door, then watch the business run like a well-oiled machine.

Accounting Integration

Accounting Integration

Money is the life-blood of your business. Your accounting department knows this all too well. Put all of your upstream processes in easy reach of your accounting system, and keep more of your hard-earned money.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Cloud this, spreadsheet that, all that data is in separate places. Putting your data in one place makes integrating systems a breeze. Now you can make better decisions, discover trends, and spot problems in real-time.

Tools and Utilities

Tools and Utilities

Customers, vendors, and employees all have a role to play in making your business a success. Give them the tools they need to succeed. Move data, send alerts, generate reports, approve documents, and more.

Ask Questions Now. Code Later.

Like Mom used to say, "If you're not asking questions, then your not developing software!"
So true, so true.

Clearbasis Formula

The Whiteboard.

The tool of choice by professionals everywhere. We have mastered it, you probably have too. Our favorite color is blue. We take pictures when we are done.

The Brainstorm.

What's a little discussion among friends? Stand up, sit down, we don't care. We like it sweet, and we try to keep it short. Opinions are included at no extra charge.

The Use Case.

It's like having a crystal ball. Your users will love you for thinking of them first. Speculation is a developer's downfall. We would rather make it exactly the way you need it.

We Architect for Fun.

Software must be designed by a Software Architect. Most software can't live without one.

Visual Diagrams

The architect analyzes your vision and transforms it into visual diagrams; sometimes in a matter of minutes.


While coding, developers use the diagrams as a guide. The architect keeps them on the road to success.

Puzzle Pieces

When changes occur, the architect fits them into existing code like puzzle pieces. They are never puzzled.

Happy App

Software never sees the light of day, until the architect is happy. When they are happy, you are happy.

We Speak Cloud.

We host our software, on equipment we own, in datacenters we control.


100% uptime since 2006. Our customers have experienced the lap of luxury while others have gotten lost in the jungle.


Do you know where your data sits? Is it safe? Hosting with us means your data is protected, always accessible, and worry-free.

Made in the USA.

United States

Offshore, no way.

We are proud to say that all of our software is developed right here in the U.S.A.

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